Public Projects
Path of 10,000 Leaves

A Public Art Commission for the City of San Jose
Morrill Avenue & Cataldi Drive, San Jose, CA

On visiting San Jose’s Cataldi Park, I was attracted to a small grove of black walnut trees. I later learned, while researching San Jose history, that the entire area was once covered with orchards of these trees. To commemorate this agricultural past, I created a gently meandering path with the shape of black walnut leaves embossed into the concrete surface. In the center of the path, I designed a large circular seating area. A Japanese Haiku about falling leaves was embossed into the surface, written in Japanese as well as translated into English:

            The fishing-fire;
The waves lapping,
Falling tinted leaves.

Read an article about this project:
June, 1999, Barnacle, Betty, Artist creates Design for Park, San Jose Mercury News (PDF)

Project Team   


Concrete embossing workshop
Jessica Perez

Raul Rodriquez

Concrete furnishings
Quick Crete Architectural Site Furnishings

Special thanks to the immediate community for participating in embossing leaves into wet concrete

©2012 Sheila Ghidini