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A Public Art Commission for the City of Aurora, Colorado

Mission Viejo Park is located in Aurora, Colorado, outside of Denver. At one time this area was the home of Arapahoe and Cheyenne Indians. It became a passage way for gold seekers when gold was discovered outside of Denver in 1858.

This project traces two passages, the history of the Smoky Hill Trail with the passage of gold seekers through the area and the passage of the sun across the sky, a movement honored by early American cultures. The path of early gold seekers is recorded in text and images sandblasted onto stone surfaces. The circular structure of the form pays tribute to native cultures and their use of sacred circles.

The stone used in this project is from a nearby quarry located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The circular pads will be poured gold concrete with amber recycled glass. Solar lights will create an axis indicating true north within the circle. Four seating stones mark the cardinal directions.

Project Team   


Graphic design
Ari Salomon

©2012 Sheila Ghidini