Public Projects
Maze Project

A Public Art Commission for the City of Lodi
Loel Community Center Bus Shelter, 105 South Washington, Lodi, CA

For this project, I worked with a broad range of local community members to create permanent artwork for a new transit shelter. I facilitated a series of workshops where participants made clay tiles with images of mazes illustrating the concept of “moving from here to there.” The finished glazed clay tiles sheath the transit shelter, offering thought provoking entertainment to those waiting for the bus.

As a graphic image, the maze functions as an effective metaphor for transit. Mazes, unlike labyrinths, present many paths to follow, often times with confused paths.

Participants also reworked local street maps, adding personal elements and stories with drawing and collage. These maps are permanently installed as windscreens within the shelter.

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Project Team   


Maze workshop
Jessica Perez

Tile grouting
Andrews Tile Works

Special thanks to community members who participated in the art workshops

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